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Can Super Tan Bros Shopify Ecommerce Help Give Your Business A Boost?

The Super Tan Bros, Steve and Evan, have been using Shopify to bring success to their multiple onlinte stores. Shopify ecommerce is supposed to be a platform that has everyone covered. That is what the company says, and in theory, that gives them an edge over eBay and Amazon. The name of the company is quite catchy indeed, and they have partnered with the aforementioned companies, too. What do you need to know about Shopify as an online merchant?

For starters, it appears that you don’t even have to be an online merchant to use Shopify. The company claims that they have all merchants covered, offline and online. Naturally, most people selling offline are going to be selling online as well these days. Still, it would be interesting either way to know how Shopify can help people with their offline sales.

It makes sense that a company would go there because there are quite a few businesses out there selling both offline and online. A one stop shop for commerce management makes sense to be sure. So if you plan to look into Shopify ecommerce and start using the platform, what is the user experience? What are the benefits? What do the reviews say?

The company claims that you don’t need any design skills to use the platform. That means that anyone could sign up and get going, but of course any business owner knows that marketing isn’t that easy. The company does provide you with marketing tools, and they even help you with SEO, too. How does Shopify integrate into your own business model? Do you plan on using Shopify as your only business model, kind of like eBay?

Check out Ben’s video testimonial about the Super Tan Bros.

You would think the best thing you could do would to also have a website, social media accounts and a blog linked to Shopify. While you can just have your Shopify store, it seems like in today’s world, it would be best to have the entire system going. Sites like Shopify and eBay do for sure give you a complete package in terms of a marketplace, but you want to market your entire brand and not be underneath the Shopify shadow.

If you don’t specifically have a brand, and you are just selling items, that’s great. You don’t need a brand to be branding. Branding is more than that. For example, I am a writer and sell fiction and market my writing capabilities and talk about investing and other important matters. That is my brand. If you are going to market online, you are going to need to address branding on whatever level it pertains to you.

Shopify gives you a way to do that, and it can really help boost your online presence. Whether you have already started selling online or not, Shopify can help. You’re going to have to put in the work, and it is also going to be fun. You are passionate about your business, and you are ready to get going for sure. It’s time to take your business to a whole new level, and you can possibly do that with the tools that Shopify makes available.

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